This article aims to introduce the power of python coding in the cryptocurrency market analysis. If you are a trader and have some experience in crypto trading, you probably know time is very important in terms of catching trade opportunities. This is because of high volatile crypto market nature which causes severe price fluctuations.So, as a trader, you should be aware of such fluctuations and find the best entry point to trade.

To start, some assumptions need to be taken:

First we need to connect our python to the Binance Core Market:

Next we need to have all of the pairs which are being traded in the Binance, there are lots of ways to get the pair list but let’s have below solution to get all of the pair list:

By this function client.get_all_tickers() you will have real time prices in a list of dictionaries:

Next we want to get price history for every pair in the preferred time frame, let’s assume the pair is BTCUSDT and the time frame is 15 minutes. Based on Binance API document:

The result will be a list of candle stick prices which represents candlestick data for BTCUSDT in 15 minutes time frame.

Now, we want to get the list of the pairs which sma_۳ is higher than sma_۹:

When it comes to trade in the Crypto Market, most of the traders believe that they are competing with bots and this is why the fast and accurate analysing market data is a critical factor to be on the right side of the market.